MBA members are entitled to $6.00 per day for every day they are off sick from work. This benefit originated over 60 years ago when insurance benefits were not as comprehensive as they are today. Back then, the per day benefit was only $3.00 a day which came in handy to help supplement for medical expenses. Fortunately, in today's society, medical coverage is more comprehensive in nature and helps to defray expenses much more than in the past. The MBA has continued to provide this benefit to its members throughout the years to serve as an added support for incidental expenses while off work due to illness....hey, every penny counts, you know! An MBA member is eligible for up to $720.00 per illness or injury.

‚ÄčPlease follow the directions on the form to submit it.

Please note, that all claim forms must be submitted within 365 days of the member returning to work per Article VIII Section 2 Paragraph g, of the By-Laws.

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